Typical Employee Life Cycle

Employee Life Cycle

Follow the separate paths of two employees through their first year of employment, from the day each was hired to becoming an established employee in their respective workplaces. This interactive story will allow you to learn the different experiences of an employee at a company that uses a system of engagement, compared with an employee at a company that uses a system of record.

Jennifer is joining a company with a system of engagement — an HCM system that allows for on-demand access to core HR information and delivers dynamic employee communications as well as role-based and personal-interest communities and networking capabilities. The system is accessible on any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Bill is joining a company that uses systems of record — HR legacy solutions largely used by the company’s HR department requiring separate user logins for various functions.

Milestone: Hired

Jennifer and Bill recently received news that they were hired by their respective companies.

Milestone: First Day

Jennifer and Bill show up to work on their first day, after weeks of anticipation.

Milestone: 90-day Mark

Jennifer and Bill reach 90 days of employment — that benchmark where employers often evaluate performance or when probationary periods end.

Milestone: 1-year Mark

A year after being hired, Jennifer weighs an unsolicited job offer. Bill is actively searching for a new job. Both reflect on their first year at their respective companies.

Employee Engagement Takeaway

It’s an exciting time — we’re seeing technological advances put the power of information into the hands of every employee. The best HR technology solutions will tap into this potential and create environments that put employee engagement at the center. It’s not a pipe dream to create a system of engagement — it’s an imperative.