Vibe HCM

Employee Engagement at the Core

There’s a multitude of HR solutions that can have some measure of influence on employee engagement, but you probably never considered that your core HR system is where you should start. We did. In fact, we put employee engagement at the center of our solutions.

Vibe HCM solves for the dual mandate of HR, taking care of the administrative functions that overwhelm HR professionals and freeing them up to focus on more-strategic imperatives that drive business results, such as talent acquisition, employee engagement, and talent management.

Here are some of the key differentiators that set Vibe HCM apart:

  • Easy-to-use solution that leads to a great employee experience, drives adoption and ROI
    0% Adoption Rate
  • One integrated solution that uniquely combines communications, social, HR processes, talent management, analytics, and real-time askHR functionality
  • Ability to highly personalize and brand your employee experience to your business units, communications, programs, and process workflows
  • Talent management integrated directly into your core HR platform — resulting in lower cost per employee compared with siloed systems for talent and core HR
  • Industry-acclaimed new-employee onboarding suite drives time to productivity for new hires and effective socialization into your organization — which was named one of HR Tech’s Awesome New Technologies for HR.
  • Global support for all of your employees in one system
  • Embedded HR analytics in the hands of your decision-makers
  • Flexible deployment model — replace or augment your existing systems; select what modules you want based on your priorities and your timeline

One Analyst’s Take on Vibe HCM

A Brandon Hall Group analyst report, evaluating Vibe HCM, “may soon emerge as a leader in the space” for focusing on “driving systems of engagement.”

“Usually when I see a solution provider dubbing their product “HCM 2.0,” I’m tempted to write them off as just another drop in the bucket. But with the folks at Vibe HCM, it was immediately apparent that they were actually onto something … they’re focused on driving systems of engagement.

“They do this in three key ways:

  • Drive Efficiency
  • Leverage Talent
  • Foster Engagement

“They have a full talent platform, including talent acquisition, HRMS, and talent management — each powered by social technology, as well as talent analytics and reporting. Many solution providers in HCM are trying to accomplish the same thing, and few (if any) have succeeded. But with Vibe HCM, I think they may be onto something.”

Case Studies: Vibe HCM Engages Employees

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen Case Study

California Pizza Kitchen needed a unified online platform to further empower and engage their dynamic, vibrant culture, while at the same time driving new efficiencies in the organization and communicating operational aspects of their business.

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DeVry Education Group

DeVry Education Group

Find out how DeVry Education Group provided an environment to engage its entire enterprise, unify disparate systems, and leverage the benefits of HR automation.

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Shaw Communications Inc.

Shaw Communications Inc.

Shaw Central provides an engaging destination point for employee communications, social collaboration, and self-service across the company in the employee’s language of choice.

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